In Rhythm and Poetry by Hip Hop artist and poet Karl Nova the beauty of rap lyricism and Hip Hop influenced poetry is displayed with wit, humour and positivity. His approach is to meet young people where they are and engage them with the style and attitude they are familiar with. This collection reflects on his journey of growth from childhood to adulthood through the lens of hip hop culture. A lot of the verses have already impacted many lives as he travels and delivers them with his unique and energetic style.

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If you wish to contact Karl Nova to book him to perform, speak, do creative writing workshops or for any other reason email him at: KarlNovaMedia@gmail.com





Calm (Music Video)

Thankful [feat. Marcy DePina] (Music Video)

Stadium Music (Music Video)

FreeDome (Music Video)

Invincible Joy (Music Video)

Get Up And Move (Lyric Video)

Poetry? (Poem)

Backstage Banter

I’m Different (Live Acoustic Version)

Rhythm And Poetry (At Luton Town Stadium)

For Such A Time As This (Mini Doc Chapter 2)

For Such A Time As This (Mini Doc Chapter 3)

For Such A Time As This (Mini Doc Chapter 4)

For Such A Time As This (Mini Doc Chapter 5)