In his award winning debut book Rhythm and Poetry, the beauty of rap lyricism and Hip Hop influenced poetry is displayed with wit, humour and positivity. His approach is to meet young people where they are and engage them with the style and attitude they are familiar with while keeping his content wholesome, inspirational but still very real. This collection reflects on his journey of growth from childhood to adulthood through the lens of hip hop culture with a great freshness, sincerity and realism. A lot of the verses have already impacted many lives as he travels and delivers them with his unique and energetic style.

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Poetry? (Poem)

True Colours (Poem)

If you wish to contact Karl Nova to book him to perform, speak, do creative writing workshops or for any other reason email Authors Abroad at: yvonne@caboodlebooks.co.uk

The 2020 Premier League Writing Stars poetry competition was awesome. Karl Nova was asked to write a verse and he did, it ended up being called “Beautiful Ambition” He wrote it to inspire students to write their own poetry on achieving their goals.
Karl Nova went to the Premier League office and recorded the verse and you can view the video on the Premier League Stars website here:
For more information head to http://www.PLPrimaryStars.com
Karl Nova 12Karl Nova 01Karl Nova 06

In 2019 Karl Nova was made a UK National Poetry Day ambassador.

The theme for the 2020 National Poetry Day is Vision (see it like a poet)
Karl Nova contributed a poem called “See Through My Eyes” which you can watch below:

See Through My Eyes (Poem)

In 2019 was asked to contribute a poem on the theme of truth. You can watch him performing the poem “The Misinformation Age” below. If you would like to get the full text you can get it here

The Misinformation Age (Poem)

To Celebrate World Book Day, Karl Nova was asked to write a poem about reading. Watch the video below to hear him read it.

Reading (Poem)

Karl Nova’s debut book “Rhythm And Poetry” was declared winner of the CLPE, CLiPPA 2018 Poetry award presented to him by Grace Nichols at the National Theatre, London. Read more about it here


A teaching sequence has been developed by CLPE for “Rhythm And Poetry” To find out more about this click HERE

Karl Nova’s CLiPPA Award acceptance speech


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After taking part in Just Imagine’s “Read To Inspire” event at Birmingham City University, Karl Nova got to be interviewed by Nikki Gamble for the “In The Reading Corner” podcast. Listen to the full interview below. This is one of the best interviews Karl Nova has ever had and really throws light on his creative process and journey so far as a writer.

Enjoy this Spotify Playlist of some of Karl Nova’s favourite tracks


Fighting Words (Lyric Video)

Corona (Crown) [Lyric Video]

All That Matters To Me (Music Video)

Calm (Music Video)

The Art Of Letting Go (Music Video)

International Style (Music Video)

Scribbling Dreams (Lyric Video)

I’m Gonna Make It (Lyric Video)

Do You

Thankful [feat. Marcy DePina] (Music Video)

Stadium Music (Music Video)

FreeDome (Music Video)

Invincible Joy (Music Video)

Get Up And Move (Lyric Video)

I’m Different (Live Acoustic Version)

Rhythm And Poetry (At Luton Town Stadium)

For Such A Time As This
(Mini Doc Chapter 2)

For Such A Time As This
(Mini Doc Chapter 3)

For Such A Time As This
(Mini Doc Chapter 4)

For Such A Time As This
(Mini Doc Chapter 5)

The Amusing Musings Of Karl Nova…

So I used to consistently blog over at http://karlnovablogspot.co.uk but somehow I fell out of love with dong that. My last entry over there was in January 2018!

So much has happened since then, LIKE SO MUCH! My whole life has changed and I got even more busy than I ever was when I used to blog over there (and believe me I was busy, just visit the blog to see for yourself)

I really should have blogged about all that has been going on. I really should have documented it apart from just Instagram posts and twitter updates that end up getting buried in the constantly moving feed. I even had a podcast I was doing but I lost interest in doing it because of focus on travelling and touring.

I have decided to bring my blogging back here. I will also restart my podcast in due time. It is so important to document your won journey from your own point of view.


Return of the Blogfather

I am back! This will be short and sweet since I am only just getting used to this wordpress page layout. It is a bit confusing. So this is just me putting this here to remind myself to get myself writing!!! That’s it! That is the entry! haha!


“For Such A Time As This” the critically acclaimed album from Karl Nova is available via all streaming and downloading outlets

Download it or stream it at:

iTunes: https://tinyurl.com/FSATATitunes
Google play: https://tinyurl.com/FSATATgoogleplay
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Apple Music: https://tinyurl.com/FSATATapple
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Click play to hear Karl Nova’s podcast episode where he talks a bit more about the making of the album